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T-Slot Aluminum Profiles

Siyamuva Extruded T-Slot Aluminium Profiles

A versatile structural product which presents a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing alternative to steel tubing, endearingly seen as a real-life Lego.
Siyamuva currently owns the dies to 8 size variants (30x30 8 bore; 30x30 12 bore; 40x40; 45x45; 45x90; 90x90; 135x45 and Guide rail profile), each presenting their own charm and application.
Using our corner brackets and cutting extrusion to desired lengths – along with the adaptability to almost any materials – wood, granite and steel are often used in our designs - it presents a unique design and manufacturing capability of building virtually anything.
Please contact our design and technical team for any queries about carry capacities, bending moments or any other product or design queries you may have.


30 x 30 extruded T-Slot Aluminium profile

A lightweight, strong extrusion ideal for use with structures bearing light load, such as - furniture, desks, workstations. Further benefit is the extrusion not being so visible, and therefore looks less industrial. Great for home design.

40 X 40 extruded T-Slot Aluminium profile

A strong profile variation with a considerable saving against the more common 45x45 extrusion. Used in home, office and industrial environments. .

45 X 45 extruded T-Slot Aluminium profile

Our most common, and recommended extrusion. Use of this variation provides peace of mind for even the heaviest of applications. Recommended for medium-heavy use packstations, desks and furniture.

90 X 45 extruded T-Slot Aluminium profile

This extrusion offers extreme strength over its short-side, vertical plane - which may be required in certain applications, such as large spanning horizontal beams with minimal supports. It also offers the benefit of dual slots on 2 of the faces.

90 X 90 extruded T-Slot Aluminium profile

Offers unmatched strength, can be used in structures to handle human weight and activity. The dual slots on all 4 faces offer the most versatility and therefore is very effective as an upright or base beam in structures.

135 X 45 extruded T-Slot Aluminium profile

Our strongest profile along it's short side, vertical plane. It can span long distances both horizontally and vertically without risk of warping. With 3 slots running on 2 of the faces, this extrusion has proved effective in large machinery.

Guide rail / Side guide profile

An elegant addition to conveyor modules. Adding peace of mind that parcels will move from A-B with control and precision. Guides parcels on any width conveyor with no risk of abrasion or incision of parcels due to its rounded aluminium surface.